Super Clean Pickup and Delivery

March 03, 2022

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We Offer Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

The average family of four has between 10-12 loads of dirty laundry every week. That's a lot of time sorting, washing, drying, folding, and putting away laundry. Which is most likely done on your day off. Wouldn't you rather be doing something fun on your day off?

Super Clean wants to give you your days off back. Try our laundry pickup and delivery service. Scheduling is simple to do and once you create an account, all your information is saved for next time. You tell us what day you need our service, bag up all your dirty laundry, and remember there's no need to sort it because we are going to do that for you. Place your bag(s) of dirty laundry outside. We will pick it up, wash it, dry it, neatly fold it, package it back up, and delivery clean laundry back to your doorstep. It will be ready for you to place inside your drawers.

Your day off is yours again! Spend time with your family and friends, read that book you have been wanting to read, take up a new hobby, or even catch up on your favorite TV show. Try our laundry pickup and delivery service and we are sure you will never want to go back to doing your own laundry again.

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